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What are fitted sheets?
        Fitted sheets, sometimes called bottom sheets, are the sheets that cover the mattress on a bed. Fitted sheets often have elastic sewn into each one of the four corners to help it stay in place over the mattress.

What are duvet covers?
        Duvet is a French word meaning dawn and it is a kind of bag filled with dawn, feathers, wool or any other natural stuffing. Duvet covers are usually known as comforter covers and their main purpose is to protect covers from dirt and dust and to keep them clean. These items are very easy to care for and simple to use. Duvet covers are useful because you can wash it with the sheets and pillowcases. This will keep duvet covers fresh as well and you don't have to worry if the kids spill juice on the duvet covers.
        Duvet covers are very easy to put on and they are often produced in many different colors, designs and styles for everyone's taste. Colorful duvet covers will make your room more comfortable and pleasant place, especially for the kids. Duvet covers are economical option to change the look of your or your kid's room. Since the kid's usually know what they want in their rooms and often change their minds according to what is trendy, colorful and designed duvet covers are ideal for them. Using duvet covers means not to invest a lot of money to do some changing in bedrooms.


Duvet covers for style and comfort

·         Duvet covers for your bed protects your fine bedding and gives you some extra designing possibilities too!

·         The advantage of using a duvet as a cover for your fine bedding, such as an expensive hand-made quilt or down comforter, is that the duvet covers protect the fine bedding against shedding skin, body oils, minor spills, and other things that would require frequent cleaning of the inner bedding.

·         If you have ever priced dry cleaning for a fine quilt, you understand why cleaning it less often is a huge advantage!

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